Our Story

What if a daily tooth brushing routine could be a little bit more than just a routine?

Splat is a family owned and operated company, which in just 13 years has gone from an idea to becoming a global oral care company, currently selling its products in more than 28 countries around the world. Splat team consists of 700 audacious, outstanding and open people who truly believe that it is possible to change the world for the better and who work to ensure that someone in the world is smiling every second.

Splat products are made from the best ingredients from the world’s leading manufacturers. They are produced in the ecologically pure region of Valdai, in Splat's ultra‑modern eco‑factory — Organic Pharmaceuticals — and in the modern factories of the European and Japanese partners. Splat is conscious of human responsibility to nature and does everything possible to minimise the environmental footprint.

What if a toothpaste could not only professionally protect from gum and dental problems but also inspire to a brighter life?

What makes Splat products different?

Every product created in Splat R&D laboratories is directed at maximally effective solution of certain oral care issues. In order to achieve the highest efficacy of each product, we collaborate with leading dentists and specialized institutes all over the world. Our efforts result in innovative and selective products. High effectiveness of each of those is confirmed by expanded tests in Russia, EU countries, and Japan.
Innovative Approach
Splat R&D team is constantly searching for the most up‑to‑date research data available and attends industry professional events globally. The department conducts its own extensive studies, as well as in cooperation with foreign colleagues and universities. The research resulting product formulas ensure maximum efficacy for end consumers. Many elements of Splat products are protected by Russian and international patents. Unique innovative Sp.White System® makes enamel ideally clean and shiny without causing scratches or increased sensitivity. Luctatol System®, included in all childrenʼs products, came as a prominent result of international studies. Its proven 96% inhibitory effect on dental plaque formation and development of tooth decay made Splat products worldwide recognized. Active form of Hydroxyapatite, specially elaborated for Splat, is intended for the deep restoration of enamel and it is available in a new generation of Splat bioactive toothpastes.
Splat bioactive professional products contain unique and exclusive innovative ingredients: 100% natural bioactive Calcis derived from egg shells; hydroxyapatite ‑ the main ingredient of dental enamel; lactic enzymes complex for maintenance of healthy microflora; whitening carbamide peroxide in microgranules; lavender bioconcentrate; pearl extract; birch‑tree activated charcoal; colloidal gold and diamond powder. These and many other ingredients in active form ensure maximal preventive effect on teeth while used in home conditions. Natural ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts are included in formulations of all Splat toothpastes, foams, and mouthwashes.
Splat products are safe and suitable for daily use. None of them contain synthetic antiseptic agents like triclosan or chlorhexidine, and foam‑forming agent's content is minimal. All Splat new products are free from sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate. Splat products are manufactured from ingredients of leading global suppliers at company’s own ecoplant located in pollution‑free region of Valday. Splat manufacture has CO2‑neutral status and has been certified for compliance with international standards of GMP Cosmetics and ISO 9001.
We regard every person choosing Splat sincerely and thankfully, and try to help people be happy, healthy, and successful. Doing our lifetime work with love, we guarantee that all Splat products are given maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution. We put our hearts and souls into every Splat product so that you would give smiles to each other more often, and each of your days would be successful and bright.
What if an oral care company dared to change the world for the better?

Splat products are free from:

Aggressive abrasives damaging enamel and increasing teeth sensitivity: aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, calcium carbonate. Instead, Splat innovative Sp.White System® safely whitens and leaves enamel ideally clean and shiny already after the first use. Round particles of various sizes neatly and effectively remove plaque without causing scratches, teeth sensitivity or damaging oral cavity mucosa.

Saccharinate and other harmful synthetic sweeteners. Instead, safe ingredients such as xylitol, mannitol, stevia extract and sucralose are used in all new Splat products.

Chlorhexidine and Triclosan. Typically, chlorhexidine is used for cleaning of surgeonʼs hands. Then, it may cause sensations of skin dryness and itching, or dermatitis. On its part, triclosan is frequently contained in household cleaning products. Long‑term use of synthetic antiseptic agents causes oral cavity dysbacteriosis due to strong bactericidal effect. Besides, chlorhexidine promotes development of grey enamel tone. Instead, Biosol, a safe antibacterial agent, is used in Splat products. Bacteria form biofilm on tooth surface, what may cause periodontium diseases. Biosol removes biofilm by penetrating into it and destroying it from the inside.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) - a cleaning and foam‑forming agent included in majority of oral care products, shampoos and gels. This ingredient may cause mucosal dryness, and even though it is still used in some of our toothpastes in minimal quantities, the mildest and safest agent — sodium lauroyl sarcosinate — with additional anti‑cavity properties is used in many new Splat products.

Splat Junior series are free from foam‑forming agents, saccharinate and artificial sweeteners. Instead, mannitol and licorice extracts are used as substitutes. Junior series toothpastes are safe for accidental swallowing.