SPLAT Oral Care Foam Express

2017 Beauty Shotlist Award Winner “LOVE THIS PRODUCT. So clever, so effective, it’s now my daily office companion and really should be mandatory for every person working in an office!”

“What a brilliant idea! Suitable for diabetics, great for travelling or before an important date, this genius foam keeps your mouth fresh and healthy when you can’t brush three times a day. SPLAT’s naturally active, fresh breath spray foam lasts for hours, provides up to 98% protection against plaque, fights bacteria and it’s refreshingly free of nasty artificial sweeteners. No toothbrush needed - you’ll wonder what you did without it.”

(Judges quotes, 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards)

Express series

A unique format of express oral care, for busy people on the go. Clean teeth in 5 seconds. No brush, no water needed.