Safe teeth whitening at home Posted on Monday, 15 December 2014

Currently, whitening methods have become teeth friendlier. Nevertheless, dentists often recommend abstaining from the use of whitening products for the sake of a short‑time dazzling smile effect. Even up‑to‑date in‑clinic professional whitening can damage enamel. At the same time, using special toothpastes not harmful for teeth surface can restore their natural whiteness. All Splat toothpastes contain Splat's innovative Sp.White System® that safely whitens and polishes enamel making it shiny. Splat toothpaste Extreme White, in addition to Sp.White System®, contains carbamide peroxide microgranules that decolorise pigmentation and remove contaminants, helping to whiten teeth by 2 tones (according to Vitapan scale) in 4 weeks of use. To avoid increased teeth sensitivity, we recommend alternating Extreme White toothpaste with Biocalcium, Sea Minerals or Organic toothpastes that are especially helpful in enamel strengthening and restoration.