• Every product created in Splat R&D laboratories is directed at maximally effective solution of certain oral care issues.
  • High effectiveness of Splat products is confirmed by expanded tests in European countries and Japan.
  • Natural ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts are included in formulations of all Splat toothpastes, foams, and mouthwashes.
  • Unique innovative Sp.White System® makes enamel ideally clean and shiny without causing scratches or increased sensitivity.
  • Luctatol System® inhibits dental plaque formation and development of tooth decay.
  • Active form of Hydroxyapatite, specially elaborated for Splat, deeply restores enamel.
  • Splat products are safe — none of them contain synthetic antiseptic agents like triclosan or chlorhexidine.
  • Foam‑forming agent's content is minimal and all Splat new products are free from sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharinate.
  • Splat products are manufactured from ingredients of leading global suppliers at company’s own ecoplant.
  • We guarantee that Splat products are given maximum attention at every stage of production, quality control and distribution.
  • Splat is conscious of human responsibility to nature and does everything possible to minimise the environmental footprint.
  • We work, so that you would share smiles with each other more often, and each of your days would be successful and bright!
When you put your heart and soul into something you create,
the result is truly invaluable.
If you believe there’s nothing impossible,
your most daring wishes take on their form,
and you understand your life journey wasn't vain.
We sincerely believe that everyone is able to change
the world for the better.
Creating products under SPLAT trademark,
we know that all warmth invested into them will
make your day brighter, happier, and kinder.
Helping people be healthy, beautiful, and successful is our mission.
Yevgeniy Demin,